2016 Update

Hello Everyone- 
Wanted to first say… Thank you for all the continued love and support. Means the world and helps more then you know! 
Yes… I am not the best with my website.  But please follow on my Facebook and…


See whats happening! 
1.Now endorsing TRX Cymbals! Check them out on Facebook&Instagram. Great people and company:) 
2.Gigging every weekend with the Boys… aka The Aviators! check out what were doing @
3. New solos up! 
4. Attended the…

Changing Times:)

Soo…. Hope all is well:) 
Lots to bring you up to date on! 
1. I recently got a new Drum Kit<3 A Custom Pork Pie Kit! 100% Maple shells. Sizes are 9x12, 12x14ft, 14x16ft and 18x22. The snare drum…

Hello Hello Hello… Updates:)

Hey Everyone! 
Apologize for the non existent update for the past two months… Lots has been going on! 
Check out what's happening… 
1. I've decided to part ways with the Glam Skanks and move on to pursue my other goals…

Time To Vote!!

Hello Everyone!
Hope all is well:)
I'm a finalist for the Hit Like a Girl Drum Contest… and Public Voting has started! 
Here's the steps as to how you can vote for me! 

1. Go to
2.create an account…


Hey Everyone!!!
Yes I know It's been a while… But so much to share! 
1- I'm a finalist for the Hit Like a Girl Contest!!! In case you don't know what it is… Check out their site!! Some pretty cool…


New Year. 2015. You've Been great… Lets keep it going! 
Yes… Not the best with updating my website more often. 
I do apologize… 
Please check my Facebook for daily updates:) 

1-NAMM... How incredible! Super productive... Met alot of…

Happy New Year!!

How was your New Year? Celebrate? Stay Home? 
Just wanted to write a little something… 

2014 you were incredible!
Thank you everyone for supporting, believing, encouraging, and always being so kind
Pursuing my passion with the love&support of friends&family is…

Hometown Support

Such a great feeling getting so much love,support,encouragement,and belief in your dreams… esp. coming from my hometown in Upstate NY:) 
I was interviewed for my old high school newspaper… interviewed by a current student attending a few days ago! 

Happy Holidays!

Hope everyone is doing well and having a great holiday season!! Quick Update:) 
1. A week ago I was able to work for Alice Cooper:) I worked on Glen Sobel's drum kit, unloaded equipment & learned so much about music…

Road Trip. Gigs. Drums.

Hey everyone! Wanted to share quick up date:)  
What an adventure! Glam Skanks 
Met so many awesome people&musicians. Saw North Beach, Union Square, Hippie Hill, and Chinatown. 
Attended Sunday Skate Party at Golden Gate Park 
had an awesome tour…


Hey Everyone!!! 
Hope all is well:) 
Wanted to share all the gigs I have coming up!!! 

Tomorrow Glam Skanks leave for our 2nd RoadTrip up North!
11/14 Brainwash San Francisco 
11/15 Showdown San Francisco
11/16 Madrone Art Bar San Francisco …