Changing Times:)

Soo…. Hope all is well:) 
Lots to bring you up to date on! 
1. I recently got a new Drum Kit<3 A Custom Pork Pie Kit! 100% Maple shells. Sizes are 9x12, 12x14ft, 14x16ft and 18x22. The snare drum is the new Pig Iron 6.5x14 Polished Iron shell. The new paint color is Firethrone Red Sayin lacquer. My dream kit, sounds incredible too! 
2. I'm in a new band called "The Aviators" RockNRoll Cover/Original band. Their great guys, and I have an absolute blast playing with them! A bunch of gigs coming up too! Dates will be posted with pics
3. I'm officially a full time musician! I use to work at an animal shelter, now I do Drum Backline/Rehearsal Studio Booker... Cannot be any happier! 
4. Drum Tech'd "Rock Against MS' Charity event for Multiple Schlerosis. Great event, fantastic musicians, and always inspiring. F*CK MS! 
5. New Pics… New Style… New Kit
6. Some recording projects on the way… both music and videos! 
7. Will be signing up for the Guitar Center Drum Off. 
That's it for now… More updates and dates soon! 
Thanks for all the love&support<3 

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