Much Needed Update… 10/24/14

Hey Everyone:) I am so sorry… I know I am horrible at these updates. So much to share and I haven't shared yet… 
My Promise to YOU… 
Once a week… I will be writing a post to update you on what I am doing:) That's a guarantee!! 
Now… You ready?! 
1. Glam Skanks 1st Road Trip!!!. Headed up North: San Francisco. Monterey. Ventura. 600+ miles Driven. 2 cars full of gear, luggage, chicks, and glitter. 
Saw/Visited incredible areas… all completely different!! Beautiful places… makes me grateful for living in California<3 Met some awesome people… and some new fans too;) Love chatting/connecting with others! Killer venues. Great/energetic/tight shows! 4 Different Venues (Madrone's Art Bar, Pop's Bar, Mucky Duck, & The Sewer. I'd say… our 1st RockNRoll road trip was a success!!! Enjoyed every minute of it♥ Dream come true for sure… and I cannot wait until we're back out again! (In November) 
2. MUSIC VIDEOS UP!!! Glam Skanks have released 4 Official Videos.. Check them out 
3. I recently went to the Hollywood Drum Show….Drum Heaven!  So Many Vendors,Products,Performances,& of course DRUMMERS!! Such an Inspiring Place "Surround Yourself With the Best" Met/Saw so many musicians/drummers. And had great chats too! 
4. Glam Skanks was recently played on KROQ (Local LA Main Rock Station) So unreal knowing our music was played on a mainstream station:) Check out the list here!
5. Glam Skanks now has merch!!! Vinyl. Tshirts. Stickers. Buttons. Picks. DrumSticks. Hit me up (Email or FB ) if you would like some!!! 
6. There's some new videos up on my drum page too:) 
7. We have a few local shows coming up too (last week Glam Skanks in Bakersfield! Tonight at Viper Room 9PM in Hollywood:)
8. I just saw the new movie… WHIPLASH. What a great movie!!! Yes It's about Drums♥ but it also had great messages... Pushing yourself to reach your full potential, practicing your ass off, having determination, and being the best in you can be. Highly recommend to Everyone you will feel inspired!!
9. A few weeks ago I had the chance to go to a drummer hangout at the Rainbow Bar&Grill.It was a  Drummerrr Gang:) Talk About Heaven!!! Legendary Guys... Drummers from Alice Cooper,Danzing,Strung Out,Billy Idol,Doyle, Evans and Sabian Companies. Beyondddd Happy&Inspired♥ Love being surrounded by these guys. 
10. I was selected to be an extra in the video "Pussywhipped" Music Video Shot with Steel Panther:) Had a freakin blast & a great time chatting with the SP Guys:) so grateful for all of opportunities I've been given PS... Make sure you check out their video!!! You can see me more in the later half of the video:) Blonde hair light jean vest!
I'm pretty sure that's it! Other then that… I'm busy practicing, taking music theory lesson, going to open jam sessions at the Baked Potato, working at an animal, and enjoying life<3 
thank you everyone for all the love and support… couldn't say that enough:) 
I'll put some new pictures up! 
Stay updated on a day to day basis via my FB Page! 
Linz xoxo 

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