Some Kickass Lady Drummers!


Drums… a male dominated field.
Music.. a male dominated field.  

I am all for women empowerment and having more female musicians... especially when it comes to playing the drums. 

My goal? To become a voice, inspiration, and become one of the best female drummers out there. I want to provide something for the little ones… where they feel there's hope for them and believe they can play just as well if not better then the guys. There's tons of room for girls to kick some butt!

There's plenty of great drummers… male and female. But I think the industry lacks women in general… especially with drums. 

My friend shared this article with me.. which inspired me to write this post. I was so happy reading this! Put a big smile on my face.  We need to recognize more female artists! Sometimes I feel like there is a lack of promoting female musicians unless you're a pop star. 


Now this is just strictly female drummers… But I absolutely loved reading this:) More articles should be written about female musicians!!! 

Someday I would like my name to be in an article like this<3 

Work Hard.Believe.Never Give Up. 

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