Happy Holidays!

Hope everyone is doing well and having a great holiday season!! Quick Update:) 
1. A week ago I was able to work for Alice Cooper:) I worked on Glen Sobel's drum kit, unloaded equipment & learned so much about music gear and stage work. So appreciative of Mike Miller and Glen making this possible! Beyond grateful being part of the Alice family:) We were at Harrah's Resort near San Diego! 
2. I have a Blondetourage gig Saturday! Newport Beach… Pelican HIll Resort from 7-11PM :) 
3. Glam Skanks have been busy with shows in Hollywood! One more for the rest of the year… Next Friday at Lucky Strike in Hollywood! 
4. We've been getting airplay in Japan! Last Sunday a radio station (76.1 Inter FM) Played RockNRoll Skank… and this Sunday they will be playing another Glam Skank song:) So freaking cool knowing we are heard in another country! We were played in Nagoya and Tokyo<3
That's it for now.. Thanks for all the love and support<3 

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