Hey Everyone!!!
Yes I know It's been a while… But so much to share! 
1- I'm a finalist for the Hit Like a Girl Contest!!! In case you don't know what it is… Check out their site!! Some pretty cool stuff:) Beyond excited to be part of this competition! http://www.hitlikeagirlcontest.com  
1-My video for Hit Like a Girl is here… So check it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8uyObD-pkM
2-More videos up on YouTube so check them out. Youtube.com/drummerlinz73
3-A few gigs coming up with Glam Skanks in April… Playing in San Diego and North Hollywood. 
4- Had a few gigs with Blondetourage… a little quiet for now. Hopefully more soon! 
5-Staying busy with Drum Teching! Had a big event I did last week called Rock Against MS (Charity event at the Whisky a Go Go) 

Quick update… PLEASE follow me on Facebook/Instagram for daily updates! 

Thanks for all the love&support:) 


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