Hello Hello Hello… Updates:)

Hey Everyone! 
Apologize for the non existent update for the past two months… Lots has been going on! 
Check out what's happening… 
1. I've decided to part ways with the Glam Skanks and move on to pursue my other goals. It was a great run and I was rockin with some pretty awesome chicks! I wish them all the best!
2. Hit Like a Girl Contest: International Chick Drum Contest I entered!!! Drummers from 45 Different Countries, 250 entered the 18+ Division, 5000+ Views on my Drum Video... And I made it in the the top 20 finalist:) 
3. Hit Like a Girl Contest: I did NOT place in the Top 3 for the Hit Like a Girl Contest Winners, but I'm ok with that:) I'm considered 1 out of 40 top female Drummers in the world!!! It's the hugest honor/compliment & I am so grateful for that... I already felt like a winner♥
4. Working as an independent drummer... always looking to jam, record, and perform too!
5. During the day… I now have two different music jobs! One is doing Drum Backline, and the other job is at a rehearsal studio booking bands and working the PA system. Love both jobs, learning, meeting, and experiencing so much!
6. Attending different jam sessions and still taking lessons as well
Think that’s it for now…
Thank you everyone for all the continued love&support<3
If you haven’t… be sure to check out my other links! They’re updated every day!

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