See whats happening! 
1.Now endorsing TRX Cymbals! Check them out on Facebook&Instagram. Great people and company:) 
2.Gigging every weekend with the Boys… aka The Aviators! check out what were doing @ http://www.theaviatorsrock.com
3. New solos up! youtube.com/drummerlinz73 
4. Attended the 818 Drummer hang! Lunch Just some names who showed "Dean Butterworth, Jordan Burns, Mark Schulman, Denny Seiwell, Abel Vallejo, Lindsay Martin, Ryan Seaman, and more!" Drummers are the coolest. But we already know that! ‪#‎818DrummersLunch‬
5. "Bad Bitch of the Week" Super cool article Social Decay (NYC Clothing Company) wrote about me! @
6. Staying very busy at both jobs! Rehearsal studio and Drum Backline! Learning even more about teching other kind of equipment too:) 

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Super happy with everything going on right now. Its been an incredible journey so far, lots of work, no sleep, practice, and dedication. Absolutely love it though! Smaller projects in the works as well! 

linz xoxo 


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