Wanted to share with you all what I am currently doing:) 
-Learning how to be a drum technician!! I'm having a blast. I worked at the Whisky a Go Go the other night… Was the Drum Tech for Kenny Aronoff, Matt Starr, Bobby Rock, Jimmy D'Anda, & Stephen Perkins. Was Sitting On The Side of The Drumset To Assist Them During The Show In Case Something Happened While Performing ... I Put This Drumset Together & Learned SOO Much About Drum Teching!!!! Absolutely LOVEDDD Setting Up, Assisting, Watching, Hearing, & Meeting a Ton of Musicians❤
-More drum covers are coming! I will be releasing one every week
-In the studio working on Glam Skanks EP!!!! Beyond excited to share with all of you:) Should be done very soon… with mercy as well! Learning so much about how the studio works… never realizing how different playing drums "live" and playing drums in a "studio" are! 

That's all I can think of for now… Thanks Everyone:)

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  • superstar
    Play me a country song Lindsay!!!!!

    Play me a country song Lindsay!!!!!

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