Hey everyone! Quick update:

1. I began Drum Teching… Learning from Mike Miller (Glen Sobel tech of Alice Cooper) Quite the experience! Was working on Glen's Kit for the upcoming European Alice Cooper tour! Learning so much about teching, tuning, prepping for tour, being on the road, and so much more!! I'm now part of the AC family, and it's such a great feeling:) 

2. I will be on the Season Finale of GLEE!!! Playing drums of course:) 

3. Glam Skanks EP on the way!!! Should be done within a month or so… Really excited to share with some new merch as well!!! A mix of covers and originals!!!

4. We've been playing quite a bit too!! Mainly in Hollywood, check us out at Loaded in Hollywood on May 16th!!

5. I have a new drum video up… Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRJgC6WPIwI&list=UUwfsXLGGT_wiQkyDtxF7fNw

Thanks for all the love and support:) 

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