Update! 5/14/14

Hey Everyone...Quick Update:) 

1.Last night was the Season Finale of Glee. You can see me at the very end of the show playing the song "Pompeii" I had a blast filming this, met some awesome people, and beyond grateful for the opportunity!!! Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNKConh-IwU

2. I've had amazing support back home (NY) and there was some articles written about me! One from my own High School & the other a local newspaper! the support team I have is incredible.. like an extended family to me and I couldn't thank everyone enough for watching the show & giving me awesome feedback/compliments:)  http://www.eaglesmediacenter.com/featured/2014/05/12/tune-in-to-watch-galway-alumni-lindsay-martin-on-glee/ 

3. Show this Friday night at Loaded in Hollywood… 10PM Glam Skanks! 
Thanks for all the love&support<3 

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