UPDATE 8.27.14

Sorry for the wait... I promise I will be better about this! 

1. Glam Skanks took a break in August... busy in June and July with rehearsals, shows, and finishing up our EP and Music Videos. In August we wrote more originals! September we have a few gigs... be sure to hear some new tunes:) 
2. Acoustic Gigs! Playing with Blondetourage gigs in September down in Newport Beach! 
3. More videos soon of covers... they will be songs you know! Variety too! 
4. Last night I had the chance to work in my hometown at the Motley Crue/Alice Cooper show! I was assisting my friend who is the drum tech for Alice Cooper (Glen Sobel) I helped put together, clean, tune, prep, and get the kit in top shape for the show! Learning a lot with drum teching, and I have an absolute ball doing it! Dream come true working in my hometown with my favorite bands<3 

Thats it for now... Thanks everyone for all the love and support!

Linz xoxo

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