Thanks for checking out my website! 

Goal: let you know more about me and what my drum life is all about
I'll have a few band/drumming pictures on here, as well as upcoming events…
Check out my other links for more info!
Please feel free to contact me for jamming or gig opportunities:)

Lindsay <3

2016 Update 

Hello Everyone- 
Wanted to first say… Thank you for all the continued love and support. Means the world and helps more then you know! 
Yes… I am not the best with my website.  But please follow on my Facebook and Instagram for daily updates… i Promise:) 

2015 was one hell of a yeah! Some crazy/unforgettable experiences, met a bunch of cool musicians. dreams came true, and memories I will never forget! Exciting year for sure but also came with being super busy! Here's some highlights of end of 2015 to Present! 

Drum! Magazine
-Featured in Drum! As a "New Blood" talking about new/upcoming drummers! 
-Check out the March 2016 Issue:) 


Lucky Strike Live
-Wednesday Nights in Hollywood features Chuck Wright (QUIET RIOT), Matt Starr (MR.BIG), Mitch Perry (LITA FORD) with A-List guests! 
-Played there twice so far! Both times with Nikki Stringfield & Kirsten Rosenberg of the The Iron Maidens, Brad Jergens of Dave Effelson, & Rodney Mcg of Dissent! We played "Monkey Business" by Skidrow the 1st time and "Enemy" by Sevendust the 2nd! 

-NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), commonly called NAMM in reference to the organization's popular NAMM trade shows, is the not-for-profit association that promotes the pleasures and benefits of making music and strengthens the $17 billion global music products industry. Our association — and our trade shows — serve as a hub for people wanting to seek out the newest innovations in musical products, recording technology, sound and lighting. NAMM's activities and programs are designed to promote music making to people of all ages.

- 3rd year going! Had an incredible time! Super productive, met/saw a bunch of familiar faces, great after parties… An absolute blast! Always a great hang, learning experience, and networking opportunity too! 

Rock Against MS
-Charity event to raise money/awareness for Multiple Schlerosis 
-Drum Tech'd for a variety of drummers…Lots of music…Fantastic Musicians/Crew! 
-F*ck MS! 

The Aviators
-I decided to part ways with The Aviators to pursue new opportunities & ventures. It was a great run & certainly had memorable times!! Thank you boys for the opportunity:) Wishing them all the best:) 
-Prior to departing…We were hired to play for Scotia Bank in Toronto, performed infront of 600 people at one of the nicest venues we've ever played, got treated like rockstars, and met so many cool people:) An incredible trip, beyond fun, & quiet unreal♥

Hit Like a Girl 
-Drum Solo Contest for girls only! 
- Entered this year… Check Out "Electric Lady 



See whats happening! 
1.Now endorsing TRX Cymbals! Check them out on Facebook&Instagram. Great people and company:) 
2.Gigging every weekend with the Boys… aka The Aviators! check out what were doing @ http://www.theaviatorsrock.com
3. New solos up! youtube.com/drummerlinz73 
4. Attended the 818 Drummer hang! Lunch Just some names who showed "Dean Butterworth, Jordan Burns, Mark Schulman, Denny Seiwell, Abel Vallejo, Lindsay Martin, Ryan Seaman, and more!" Drummers are the coolest. But we already know that! ‪#‎818DrummersLunch‬
5. "Bad Bitch of the Week" Super cool article Social Decay (NYC Clothing Company) wrote about me! @
6. Staying very busy at both jobs! Rehearsal studio and Drum Backline! Learning even more about teching other kind of equipment too:) 

Please follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Daily updates for sure<3 
Super happy with everything going on right now. Its been an incredible journey so far, lots of work, no sleep, practice, and dedication. Absolutely love it though! Smaller projects in the works as well! 

linz xoxo 

Changing Times:) 

Soo…. Hope all is well:) 
Lots to bring you up to date on! 
1. I recently got a new Drum Kit<3 A Custom Pork Pie Kit! 100% Maple shells. Sizes are 9x12, 12x14ft, 14x16ft and 18x22. The snare drum is the new Pig Iron 6.5x14 Polished Iron shell. The new paint color is Firethrone Red Sayin lacquer. My dream kit, sounds incredible too! 
2. I'm in a new band called "The Aviators" RockNRoll Cover/Original band. Their great guys, and I have an absolute blast playing with them! A bunch of gigs coming up too! Dates will be posted with pics
3. I'm officially a full time musician! I use to work at an animal shelter, now I do Drum Backline/Rehearsal Studio Booker... Cannot be any happier! 
4. Drum Tech'd "Rock Against MS' Charity event for Multiple Schlerosis. Great event, fantastic musicians, and always inspiring. F*CK MS! 
5. New Pics… New Style… New Kit
6. Some recording projects on the way… both music and videos! 
7. Will be signing up for the Guitar Center Drum Off. 
That's it for now… More updates and dates soon! 
Thanks for all the love&support<3 

Hello Hello Hello… Updates:)  

Hey Everyone! 
Apologize for the non existent update for the past two months… Lots has been going on! 
Check out what's happening… 
1. I've decided to part ways with the Glam Skanks and move on to pursue my other goals. It was a great run and I was rockin with some pretty awesome chicks! I wish them all the best!
2. Hit Like a Girl Contest: International Chick Drum Contest I entered!!! Drummers from 45 Different Countries, 250 entered the 18+ Division, 5000+ Views on my Drum Video... And I made it in the the top 20 finalist:) 
3. Hit Like a Girl Contest: I did NOT place in the Top 3 for the Hit Like a Girl Contest Winners, but I'm ok with that:) I'm considered 1 out of 40 top female Drummers in the world!!! It's the hugest honor/compliment & I am so grateful for that... I already felt like a winner♥
4. Working as an independent drummer... always looking to jam, record, and perform too!
5. During the day… I now have two different music jobs! One is doing Drum Backline, and the other job is at a rehearsal studio booking bands and working the PA system. Love both jobs, learning, meeting, and experiencing so much!
6. Attending different jam sessions and still taking lessons as well
Think that’s it for now…
Thank you everyone for all the continued love&support<3
If you haven’t… be sure to check out my other links! They’re updated every day!

Time To Vote!! 

Hello Everyone!
Hope all is well:)
I'm a finalist for the Hit Like a Girl Drum Contest… and Public Voting has started! 
Here's the steps as to how you can vote for me! 

1. Go to www.hitlikeagirlcontest.com
2.create an account (under sign in option...& you have to create an account in order to vote.sorry I know it's a pain)
3. Once signed in...
4. Click 18+ entry
5. Go to page 5 and there you will find my video
6. Right Hand side under my video there's an option to vote
7. Click vote and you're good to go:)
Please share with friends & family too! Fingers crossed!


Hey Everyone!!!
Yes I know It's been a while… But so much to share! 
1- I'm a finalist for the Hit Like a Girl Contest!!! In case you don't know what it is… Check out their site!! Some pretty cool stuff:) Beyond excited to be part of this competition! http://www.hitlikeagirlcontest.com  
1-My video for Hit Like a Girl is here… So check it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8uyObD-pkM
2-More videos up on YouTube so check them out. Youtube.com/drummerlinz73
3-A few gigs coming up with Glam Skanks in April… Playing in San Diego and North Hollywood. 
4- Had a few gigs with Blondetourage… a little quiet for now. Hopefully more soon! 
5-Staying busy with Drum Teching! Had a big event I did last week called Rock Against MS (Charity event at the Whisky a Go Go) 

Quick update… PLEASE follow me on Facebook/Instagram for daily updates! 

Thanks for all the love&support:) 


New Year. 2015. You've Been great… Lets keep it going! 
Yes… Not the best with updating my website more often. 
I do apologize… 
Please check my Facebook for daily updates:) 

1-NAMM... How incredible! Super productive... Met alot of new people, saw alot of familiar faces, got to chat with different companies, saw alot of awesome products and services...
Very successful few days!
Love being around other musicians... Reminds me of how much I love what I do and how I'm so grateful for it:)
Pics of what my NAMM experience was like!
2- RockNRoll All Nighttt
Charity Event for Solid Rock Teen Center & Caterina's Club
Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Joe Walsh, Abe Laboriel, Jr. & Bruce Witkin TOTALLY ROCKING OUT!
Night full of great music with great people:!
3- Café Cordial Drum Hang
Killer Music. More Drummers. Feeling Inspired!
Awesome night for sure…
Listened to a killer band, saw familiar faces, and met many more:)
Super nice guys!
4- Guitar Center Drum Off 2015. A night full of DRUMMING! Super Super Inspiring! Saw/heard so many fantastic drummers, solos, music!!
Practice.Practice.Practice. ♥
5- 818 Drummers Lunch!!
Amazing Drummers…
Had a blast meeting & chatting with them:) More pics and descriptions of who was there on FB!
6- Gigs coming up with Glam Skanks, Blondetourage, and my NEW group (playing Cajon with Singer Jesse Montana) 
7- I began Drum Teching on the side!!! Working a few different jobs.. prepping, cleaning, tuning, and fixing drum kits! 

Thats all I can think of for now… 
I will post again this month I PROMISE! 

Thanks for all the love and support<3 


Happy New Year!! 

How was your New Year? Celebrate? Stay Home? 
Just wanted to write a little something… 

2014 you were incredible!
Thank you everyone for supporting, believing, encouraging, and always being so kind
Pursuing my passion with the love&support of friends&family is living the ultimate dream:) 

I had an amazing year between the people I've met, experiences I've had, and the opportunities given to me. Couldn't be more happy… It's a great feeling knowing the accomplishments I've had and the support YOU ALL have given me<3 

New plans and ideas for videos, jam sessions, projects, and work! So stoked for the new year! Stay tuned

Thank you everyone:) Daily updates on Facebook too! 

Bring it 2015! 

Hometown Support 

Such a great feeling getting so much love,support,encouragement,and belief in your dreams… esp. coming from my hometown in Upstate NY:) 
I was interviewed for my old high school newspaper… interviewed by a current student attending a few days ago! 
Such a honor & compliment being asked to do so… means a lot to me! 
I wanted to share with all of you… so check it out<3 
Thank you everyone!!


Happy Holidays! 

Hope everyone is doing well and having a great holiday season!! Quick Update:) 
1. A week ago I was able to work for Alice Cooper:) I worked on Glen Sobel's drum kit, unloaded equipment & learned so much about music gear and stage work. So appreciative of Mike Miller and Glen making this possible! Beyond grateful being part of the Alice family:) We were at Harrah's Resort near San Diego! 
2. I have a Blondetourage gig Saturday! Newport Beach… Pelican HIll Resort from 7-11PM :) 
3. Glam Skanks have been busy with shows in Hollywood! One more for the rest of the year… Next Friday at Lucky Strike in Hollywood! 
4. We've been getting airplay in Japan! Last Sunday a radio station (76.1 Inter FM) Played RockNRoll Skank… and this Sunday they will be playing another Glam Skank song:) So freaking cool knowing we are heard in another country! We were played in Nagoya and Tokyo<3
That's it for now.. Thanks for all the love and support<3 

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Previous events

Metal Jam 2016: Shredding For a Cure

Gaslamp, Long Beach, CA

All proceeds from Metal Jam 2016 will go to benefit AUTISM SPEAKS - an organization of parents, clinicians and leading scientists committed to accelerating the pace of biomedical research in autism through raising money for research projects, education and outreach.

For more information about Metal Jam, please visit MetalJam.org

Following the jam portion of the show, there will be special performances by...


Scoonie Gee & Friends Rock for Charity

Rainbow Bar&Grill, Hollywood, CA

Please join Scoonie Gee and his talented musician friends for another fun filled night of great music, guest performances, a raffle to win a Fernandes Guitar, a signed collectors edition of the 1999 Playboy KISS issue and other cool prizes all for a great cause! Kids Rock Studio is a non profit afterschool program that teaches kids how to ROCK! Co-Hosting the event is 1999 Playboy centerfold and former G.L.O.W. girl Sunny The California Girl, Miss Patricia Summerland, who will auctioning off a signed copy of her Playboy issue, along with a photo with the winning bidder! Her partner in G.L.O.W. Roxy Astor will also be signing at the Merch table. Special guest appearances are in store playing your favorite classic rock hits with a special music tribute to.Rainbow and music legend Lemmy from Motorhead! Get there early as this show will fill up fast. FREE TO GET IN! Starts at 9:00pm.

Glam Skanks Show

Viper Room, Hollywood, CA

The Viper Room Presents: GLAM-O-RAMA CATS FROM JAPAN: A Tribute to David Bowie , Prima Donna, Woolly Bandits, GLAM SKANKS

21+ More Info TBA

Age limit: 21+

Whiskey Blu Grand Opening

Whiskey Blu, Hollywood, CA

We're playing the grand opening.. Whiskey Blu!!! Whiskey Bar in Hollywood

$2 Beers and $5 Whiskey shots! Live music, no cover! 21+

Age limit: 21+