My Story

My musical journey began at the age of 6 when I started playing piano. My parents were both encouraging and by 10 years old, my dad helped me realize that I wanted to play drums! He put Led Zeppelin on the stereo and I instantly fell in love; the power and force of John Bonham grabbed my attention. I knew that drums would be a part of my life from that day forward.

I became very focused on my music career at an early age. I played percussion in the elementary school band and during that time “Santa” brought me a beat up, Yamaha drumset on Christmas morning – needless to say I was hooked. Later on I was involved in my high school jazz and marching band, participated in snare competitions and stayed busy with rock bands outside of school. I taught drums, studied with various instructors, participated in Guitar Center’s Drum Off, traveled to Europe with American Music Abroad and played in our church band. 
When I wasn't drumming I continued to play the piano and had my own DJ business. By age 15 I made the decision to move to Los Angeles. Once I graduated high school I packed my bags and moved to LA to achieve my dream of making it in the music industry.
I'm currently 21 years old and life in LA has been exciting for this up-and-coming drummer from Upstate NY! I enjoy playing with a RockNRoll group the Aviators and an all-girl acoustic trio Blondetourage. I have also played in the all-girl rock band Glam Skanks but moved on to pursue other ventures. This year I entered the Hit Like a Girl drum contest and was among the top 20 18+ finalists and considered “1 of 40 best female drummers in the world” according to drum companies sponsoring the Hit Like a Girl Contest! I’ve also performed on the TV show Glee!, and at many of the 'hot spots' in Los Angeles area. When I'm not performing you can find me at a jam session, drum tech-ing or working as an independent drummer. I’m always looking to jam, record and perform so please don’t hesitate to contact me!